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Improving running time

Answered By Not an expert


This weekend I qualifed for the AAU JOs. Im excited about going. I ran a 5:05 1500 meter and I want to knock at least 10 seconds off my time. I only have about three weeks to practice. What should I do?


Congratulations on qualifying for one of the great post season championship meets available to athletes around the country. Your time of 5:05 for 1500 meters is approximately 1:21 per 400 meters as a pace.   If your goal is to take off 10 seconds in that event you should be doing your training at around 1:18 per 400 pace. The next week to 10 days (leaving 10 days to taper down to your important meet) is the time to test the workouts. I would suggest a simple ladder of 200m 400m, 600m 800m and down at that pace with 400 meter jogs in between intervals. The times should be around 39, 1:18, 1:57, 2:36 and back down as your hardest workout .This should feel pretty easy because this is the race pace you need to hold to achieve your goal.  As you approach the final meet your intervals should become shorter and faster but with plenty or rest. Answer by Coach Michael Bergmann who coaches the CYOTC Oregon and is an Assistant Coach at Central Catholic High School in Portland, Oregon. CCHS qualified for theNike Team Nationals XC Competition with team member Kenny Klotz winning the boy's race,he was also a Footlocker finalist. Bergmann coached Kenny for several years starting with the CYOTC.  Other notable athletes coached include Taylor Morgan, National Steeplechase Champion.  Good luck and I hope you fulfill your dreams.    

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