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Running vs. friends

Answered By Not an expert


I'm 12 years old and I've been running with my mom since i was 9. I have decided to go to a distance Running camp this summer. My friends have begun to make fun of me because i run so often and am going to a campinstead of being with them. They have never acted like this before. Should I listen to my friends and lay off the running for a while even though I enjoy it? HElp


Your new sport and dedication to it will provide quite a few 'new' friends too!  And, you might argue that a good friend is one who will support your desire to excel in whatever activity you choose . . . even if she is not personally interested.  If a friend wants to dominate your time and not allow you freedom to explore and excel, you need to have a talk with the friend.  Perhaps assuring your friend(s) that this is something fun for you but you still have time for them might be helpful?Still . . .at 12 years old, friends sometimes don't have the mature outlook that might be seen later . . . like in high school or beyond.  It might be difficult for a while, but I presume that as you train, your friends will eventually see that you still have time for them and want to be around them too . . .and they will understand.  Their negativity to leaving for a 'camp' is just due to the fact they will miss having you around . . . so take it as a complement!Time will heal all of this . . .and the good 'old' friends who follow you through this will also be there with the many new friends running will bring.You will end up with the best of both worlds . . .Train hard . . . have fun . . .Coach ArbogastBingham, South Jordan, UTLevel II Multi-Events / Level III Endurancewww.binghamxcountry-track.comcoacharb@binghamxcountry-track.com