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high jumping

Answered By Not an expert


My coach is always either saying i need to arch my back more or i need to jump higher but i can't seem to be able to coordinate the two! Do you have any advice on how i can do this or is this just going to take some time while i get used to high jumping? Also, are there any high jumping exercises to make my jumps more efficient and are ones that i can do at home? Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. HAPPY RUNNING!


Although it looks like high jumpers have a lot of arch of their back, it is really the hip flexors, that need to be able to arch or flex and extend. I have had many athletes that did not have much back arch because they were not very flexible, but had great hip extension up on top of the bar. Getting more height is a function of the take off, mostly the knee drive. Your goal is to have your knee drive bar height on every attempt. The knee drive is what gets your hips up. So to get higher, concentrate on driving your inside knee, or bringing your heel to your butt. (same thing another way to say it). As far as exercises at home, flexibility in the hip flexor area is one of the keys. Bridge ups with arms and feet fully extended, with head looking down on the ground upside down is a great one. If you do it on a bed you can collapse by bringing your feet and hands together in a piking motion. The same motion done on top of the bar. Anything backwards also helps; gymnastics, like back rolls, back walk overs, back flip flops etc. Good Luck jumping! Hope this helps. Desire'e