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Answered By Not an expert


I am a junior high runner and have been in two cross country races(2mile) and thrown up in both. Is there something i need to change in my nutrition on race day?


Proper sports nutrition prior to a competition is critical for blood sugar levels to handle the distance and feel great.If you have post race vomiting take a look at the timing of the food intake.In addition you may be vulnerable to pre competition anxiety that upsets the stomach so much that you are unable to digest what you ate 2-3 hrs prior to the race.I would start with something easy to digest -  a peanut butter and honey sandwich and maybe water and a piece of fruit like a bananna and 2 cookies -  say 3 hrs before the warm up time.IF 3 hrs isnt enough time then go to 3.5 hrs. and Vice-vesa -  if you can tolerate 3 hrs then go to 2.5 hrs. Try all of this is training first and see how it goes.Answer provided by:Coach Bob Williamscoach_bob@verizon.net

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