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Training and nbreakfast

Answered By Not an expert


My daughter's cross country team trains at 6:45 am before school starts. What would you reccomend she eats for breakfast. I don't want her feeling sick, but also I want her to have plenty of energy. Thanks for your help.


Eating before morning running can be challenging for many athletes. It will take some experimenting with different foods at different times but she will find something that sits well with her and leaves her feeling strong before her run. Carbohydrate rich foods will be the best choice for their quick energy for running. Whole grains are a healthful way to get carbohydrates before a run. Oatmeal, rice or other whole grain cereal with minimal dairy or a dairy substitute may be a good option. Other ideas are fruits with plain or buttered toast. Peanut butter on toast or fruit tends to leave one feeling well fed but light. It is advised to consume this at least 2 hours before running. She may need to get up and have some food even if she gets more rest before practice. If the solid foods don’t sit well before her runs look for a high carbohydrate energy drink that has about 6-8 grams of carbohydrate for every liter (~33 onces). Gluekos and Ultima Replensiher use gleukos and maltodextrin as their primary ingredients. These tend to absorb well from the gut to the intestines and shouldn’t interfere with her running.  Don’t forget what you eat after your run is an important part of your recovery. A high carbohydrate snack in the hour after your run will speed your recovery along by replenishing the glycogen used during your activity until your next meal.    Long may you run,   Sean Coster Complete Running Programs www.crpusa.com Sean Coster has been passionate about running for the last 17 years. . As an athlete he enjoyed competing throughout college at the division I level. As a student his graduate thesis project applied his knowledge of exercise physiology to a software program enabling coaches to manage their athletes. As a coach he has enjoyed the success beginners to national class athletes have achieved with his well rounded individualized coaching programs. Sean Coster is the founder of Complete Running Programs. Complete Running Programs offers personal coaching and training programs to goal oriented runners of various abilities. You can reach Sean at sean@crpusa.com.