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1600 meter workouts

Answered By Not an expert


What are some workout routines for a female 1600 meter runner to increase her speed?


This all depends on the time of he year. I believe that you can and should work on speed year around.Fall-  x-c requires you to be very strong so distance running -  4-10 miles depending on the age builds mitochrondia  and more capilliary beds. Long runs ca be comfortable. After each long run you can do a series of accelerations from 50 to 100 meters, starting slowly and building to a strong pace -  no faster than potential race pace..WInter training can be very fruitful for speed development  with short hill repeats - 60-100 m and starting at an easy pace and working up to a faster pace after 3-4 weeks; Start with 4-5 repeats and build to no more ethan 10. Longer repeats of 300 to 600 m you will want to go slower and build to no more than 6-8;Also, doing longer runs than you did in X-C prep would be a good idea... maybe add 1 mile every other week to a total of 8-10 miles for girls 14-16; younger girls would want to run no longer than what seems like fun-   and that is a critical issue for any runner  -  dont do long runs if they are not perceived to be fun.Spring is the time to do specific speed work that relates to he energy demands of the event. I would not do back to back speed sessions at any time. You can however, work on 800 m speed one day and 3 days later work on 1600 m speed activity.1600 m speed activity would basically be pace work at 4 or 800 m race pace.Determine he fitness of the runner -  a timed trial with he last 300 m to be run strong. Once you get a time you can them start the "speed" or race pace work based on her current time and her goal time. If she ran 6:00 then her pace work is 90 sec 400'ws andher goal pace for a 5:45 is86 sec 400's. Do the same for the 800 and then have her train 1-2 x a week at her 800 m pace and you can do 1600m  and 800 m pace work in the same session but only do a total of 2 x the racing distance. After 3-43 weeks then go to 2.5 the total interval or rep distance in any one session. And take 3 days between the sessions for complete recovery. All recovery time or distance should be full -  and NEVER have the athlete run repeatedly hard at each interval distance in the early season. This is a recipe for injury and illness.

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