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Why are the Ethiopians so fast?

Answered By Not an expert


I've got a question why are the ethiopians so fast? Do you have some special links where I can find more information about this subject? Thank you for answering!


Fascinating question. TYhere are several books on the subject (and also relating to the Kenyans and the entire Rift Valley training area) that you can locate with a simple internet search. Hard work . . .a culture dedicated to excellence in distance running, a lack of "coddling" of youth with cars, cell phones, and many conveniences . . .those might be some reasons why Ethiopians have an advantage. Focus on the work ethic and the lack of opportunity and distraction. We have youth who have been challenged to participate in everything . . . at a price of excellence. A lack of opportunity means a simple sport, like distance running, can be an area where many can participate, then a few who have superb talent rise to the top. Train hard . . .have fun . . . Arb

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