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High School race

Answered By Ryan Hall


What race in high school told you that "Hey, I'm a pretty good runner."?


When I ran 4:30 as a freshmen I thought that was the greatest time ever because I was pretty ignorant of what guys were running as freshmen...my teammate from Stanford ran 4:15 as a freshmen. I am glad that I really didn't know that a lot of freshmen had run considerably faster than me but it taught me an important leason about needing to be confident in how fast we are now and being happy with where we are at and yet still strieving for more. All times are relative to the next guy. For example 4:30 for a freshmen miler is a great time but compared to my teammate at Stanford it is pretty pedestrian. The moral of the story is don't get caught up in comparing yourself to others it only results in either thinking you are better than you actually are and becoming cocky or thinking you are not very good, which leads to discouragement.