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Best races you've had

Answered By Ryan Hall


In your mind, what are the best races you've ever had, High school, college, and the big time?


In highschool the races the most stick out in my mind are my junior year when I ran 4:05 for 1600 in a race all by myself...that race was huge for me because I hadn't achieved my previous years goal and had been very motivated and worked very hard to obtain my junior year goal of 4:05. The state meet 1600 was also a special race in which I was blessed to run 4:02. I will never forget coming through 1200 in 3:01 with a chance to go sub 4 and the crowd going crazy causing the hairs on my airs to stand straight up, then lastly when I ran 3:42.7 for 1500 my senior year. My best races in college were when I placed second in NCAA XC after struggling for the first two years in college and then when I finally made it to NCAA T&F finals my senior year and my teammate and I went 1-2, opening up the door for me to become a pro runner. As a pro runner my best races have been the Houston half marathon that I set an American record in because even I didn't think I was capable of running as fast as I did at that point in my career and then also the London marathon because after years of having the vision to become one of the best distance runners in the world I finally got a taste of it.

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