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Shoe to run on the trails

Answered By Nancy Hobbs


What kind of shoes should I get for trail running..or maybe what do I look for when I'm buying shoe. It's really confusing with so many to choose from.


Great question. One of the issues to consider is what you will be doing on the trails - will you be racing, or will you be training. There are now trail racing shoes in addition to trail running shoes. The trail racing shoes (ie: New Balance 790, La Sportiva Fireblade, Teva X1) are meant for shorter distance trail races, speed work, or races/runs with significant elevation gain. A lighter shoe that still provides stability is the way to go. For everyday training, there are numerous shoes dedicated to the trails from the "tried and true" adidas and Nike to the up-and-comers like Montrail, Salomon, Merrel. Your best bet is to visit a speciality running shoe company to see which shoe is the "best" shoe for your foot. You need to consider -- pronation, supination, low profile vs higher profile. Also, consider if you have to use the shoe as a "transition" shoe. This means one that works on the trails and also is comfortable on the roads. Since many of us don't live on a trail or on a trail head...it is important to get a shoe that you can run a few miles on the road and then head off on your trail run. Hope this helps! Nancy

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