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Do you take anything withyou?

Answered By Nancy Hobbs


When you're out on the trail do you take a back pack or what kind of gear do you have so you can have some gatorade or something?


It really depends on the amount of time you will be out for your run. As I said in my "safety response" always be prepared for the weather -- what it is and what it may become. If you are running longer than 45 minutes to one hour, hydration and nutrition are important. But, you must also consider the temperature -- for instance, if it is hot and humid, you will lose more water and may need to carry water with you for runs lasting less than 45 minutes. A map of an unfamiliar area is a great asset. There are many lightweight packs to take with you and also many different hydration products, those that also have pockets for treats -- candies, PowerBars, Gus, etc.

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