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Hill running

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Mick..........any good hill workouts we can use for our youth team?


Here's an interval that will give you strength, endurance and will add a bit of variety to your kids' training. For this first workout you start off easy and each hill repeat gets harder. You run up the hill and jog down. Crunches & pushups are at the bottom of the hill---on grass. Here it is: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find a short (400m or so) hill loop. After a 5 minute warmup, make groups and do hill repeats in sets of 3 or 4. Each hill repeat is followed by 10 pushups and 10 crunches. Here is the workout...... 5 minute warmup 3 hill reps with crunches & pushups 5 minute recovery jog 3 hill reps, same as above 5 minute recovery jog add on to this as the season goes along Fun first, Coach Mick