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What makes you tick?

Answered By Ryan Hall


This is a question to Ryan. Besides the fact that you're winning, which has to be motivating, what is it that you think about when you wake up in the morning that inspires you to go out and train hard and do it week after week? I saw an interview with Amanda Beard the Olympic swimmer and she said she is sore and hurting just about every day but keeps on because she just loves swimming. What does it for you?


Thanks for the thoughtful question. I run because I feel that I was made to run. When I get up every morning and lace up my running shoes it rarely is a chore because I feel very strongly that I am doing what I was created for. I believe that each one of us has a special gift to be used during our lives and when we find it and use it we find great satisfaction in life. Of course this doesn't mean that I feel great on every single run or that the bad races don't get me down sometimes but my big perspective is keep doing what I was created to do to accomplish the purpose for which I was given the gift. It is funny because to some people my life would seem very boring and monotenous but I absolutely love it because it suits me so well.

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