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Warm Up Length

Answered By Michael Bergmann


Before races last season, I usually only ran about a mile or 10 minutes. I think what kept me from just doing a little more was fear of wasting energy for the race. I just ran a 5 mile race. During my 10-15 min warm up jog, I felt tired and sluggish. When I got into the race my first 2 miles felt the same, tired and not very energetic. However, when I hit the 3rd mile and the hills started, I suddenly felt great and ran hard the rest of the race. Question: should I warm up more before I race? Would a 2-3 mile easy run be a smarter warm up, or just wear me out before the race?


A good warm up is really the key to maximizing the training you have been doing in preparation for a race. We have our athletes begin to warm up nearly 40 minutes before a race. It includes a very easy jog for 15+ minutes, a series of dynamic stretching drills that work all areas of your body to get loose. We finish the warm up with acceleration sprints that work you into a full sweat and your engine in now ready to go. You want to leave the starting line warm so you will start the race feeling great as you did when you hit the 3rd mile in the 5 mile run. Good luck and let us know how it works for you!

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