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Has your diet changed?

Answered By Jen Rhines


Hey, Jen. I'm a high school runner and am wondering how your diet has changed - if at all - from high school. My diet is OK, but I could probably eat better foods such as more fruits and vegetables and less soda and junk food. Thanx.


My diet has changed a lot since high school. I didn't put much thought into what I was eating when I was in high school! I did eat a little bit of everything but that included fast food, donuts, soda etc. I still eat a variety of foods including lots of fruits and vegetables but I have cut out the fast food and junk food. I also try not to eat processed foods and buy organic whenever it's possible. For protein I eat a lot of beef and chicken but not much fish simply because I don't like it. I eat a little dairy but try not to overdo it - for example I use much more olive oil than I do butter. I eat bread, pasta, potatoes and rice as carbohydrate sources but I try to limit the amount of white flour and eat more whole grains(in reference to the bread). I think the best way to look at it is to make sure you eat a variety of foods and just cut back on the soda and junk food. This is something that I didn't do until I was in college but I definitely think it could have helped my high school performances. Just remember you should enjoy what you're eating and if you're not you may be being too restrictive with your diet!

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