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Keeping it fresh

Answered By Jen Rhines


Hi, Jen. Great race at the World Champs. You've had success in running for many years from high school to now. How do you stay motivated and keep it "fresh"?


There are several reasons that I've been able to stay motivated year after year. In my current training group with Team Running USA we have a great combination of youth and experience. My younger teammates keep things new and fresh while those of us who have been around the block can offer our experience and guidance. In terms of training my coach and husband, Terrence Mahon, will introduce new challenges each year so we are always progressing and not repeating the exact same workouts year after year. I have also gone back to focusing on my favorite event – the 5000m. After several years of marathon training I am really enjoying training for the 5k. I thrive on the track workouts and strength training much more than I do on long tempos and hard long runs. I haven't done these types of workouts in a long time (if at all) so it all feels new and exciting.

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