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Training Schedule

Answered By Michael Bergmann


We have two boys: Chris (15) 10th grade - best time 18.00 - 5K. Matt (13) 8th grade - best time 8:59 - 1.5 mile We have no coaching and the boys have their district meet in three weeks. I need a training pgm for each. Chris attended the Nike high altitude camp at Crested Butt this summer. He will be going back for the 4 week pgm next summer. We need help.


These are good times for runners without much coaching. Both of them are racing between a pace of 5:45-6:00 per mile in their respective distances. Without knowing what they have done to achieve these times and the big race is in 3 weeks the areas to work on is to give a variety of workouts that will eventually allow them to race their distances faster. I recommend a couple of hard workouts each week (say Monday and Wednesday) that help with their strength and pace work. Strength can be built by doing hill repeats (300-400m gradual hills at race pace *6 for your younger runner, 8-10 for the older). Pace work at race pace (800's at 3:00 and below...3 weeks out and bring down to 600's and then 400's closer to the big meet) On the other days a recovery and easy run is recommended to allow the body to recover. The idea with 3 weeks to go (not enough time for a good solid program) is to build strength and stamina and then increase the speed and reduce so they are ready to race! Good luck!