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Elite 800 training

Answered By Not an expert


I am a Junior guy coming off of cross country; my PR for the season was 16:18. Now I want to get ready for track by getting some leg speed back, while maintaining my aerobic fitness. For someone wanting to run a low 2:00 800 or possibly break 2:00, what are some good workouts you can offer? While doing speed training for track, should I also do some distance runs to keep up my stamina? To tell you more about the way I run and help, last season I ran: 800-2:07, 1600-4:50, 400-54. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


runningsocal, You have a very good base from cross country and by looking at your times from last year you have a very good chance to break the 2:00 barrier. I would break your training into 3 basic cycles... Basework and conditioning leading up to your season opening. Strength and Speed increasing as your season opens up. Speed, Strength and Sharpening as you move into championships season. Have you taken a break from XC? It is always good to take a couple of weeks of light activity before you begin your build up into the spring. Let your body recover from the XC Season, especially if you had any nagging injuries to eliminate. Base Training: 1-Long run per week on soft surfaces or trails 1-1:20 1-Hill Workout per week to build strength and improve form/lift. Mix the distance up from 300's to 800's but and build up your reps...these are not super fast but solid efforts. 1.Longer intervals on soft surface...800's or 1000's with 90 seconds recovery...build up the number Easy Running in between...If you are tired take a day off. I recommend doing strides 2-3 times a week as well after the easy runs. These workouts will set you up for the season...probably the most critical phase in setting you up for success. Phase 2 as you are entering the season...You will probably be running more with your team and racing...so maintain the long runs, add a tempo run 1 time a month 20-30 minutes and the reduce the hillwork and increase the interval work. Intervals will become shorter 1000,800,400 with increased speed. Phase 3-Speed increases, Intervals shorter and insure you are doing strides and 150's to build the speed as you are tapering down in volume. I recommend doing general strength and core work (pushups, crunches, planks, burpees) through all of these phases to keep you healthy and strong. If you follow this approach in general following your 16:18 xc season and with 54 second 400 speed you will get to that 2:00 barrier. Good luck!

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