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Answered By Jeff Arbogast


Hello Coach Arbogast, I did a camp at Crested Butte Academy the past 2 summers. We used your Athlete Manual and I have found it to be very useful. I had a fairly good XC season with a PR of 17:07 and our team went to State. My PR's for the mile are 4:55 and 2:09 for 800. My question is regarding winter training for track. We have no indoor track here in Greeley. In researching workouts I found 2 schools of thought: one is to build up aerobic base and not worry about any speed endurance training and very little tempo work(Running Times High school training program between XC and track seasons) And then your program in Macrocycle #3. Track starts Feb 20th. I want to be as prepared as I can for the season. My goals are 2:04 or better for the 800 and sub 4:35 for the mile. I feel like I should start speed and strength training now so I am strong for the season, but yet I don't want to overtrain either. I am now doing 30m/week. Thank you for taking the time to answer my(long) questions. Sincerely, Steven Denham


Steven . . great to hear from you! The overall goal for our Macros is to mirror the African (Kenyan) training year given our racing and cultural differences. After working hard on strength and endurance in the summer, then adding speed-endurance (5x800 type workouts) in the XC season, you are ready to start adding track specific speed once you get to Macro #3 (Indoor Track). With a base mileage for the week of 30 you should not be losing any cardio conditioning, and maintenance of that overall mileage will be perfect for the short indoor season you have. Remember, our overall goal in the indoor season is to let the body have a little bit of a rest on the intensity and volume, so 30 mpw total while including some beginning actual speedwork will be all you need. You will be planning on intensifying the speed and speed-endurance once you get to outdoor, so for the timeframe until Feb. 20 you will want to maintain easy-medium distance running while adding one session per week of speed-endurance (long ladder, 5x600, stepdowns) and one session per week of 'speed' or leg-turnover work (short ladder, accelerations, Flying 40s, ins-and-outs, speed formwork). You can do your maintenance work (tempos, steady-states, longer fartleks) on M-W-F and your speed-endurance on T and speed on Th. Save Saturday for longer easy runs and take Sunday off for now, and you have a good preparatory indoor phase until Feb. 20th. Let me know if that answers your question . . .and good luck with your track season! Arb

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