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Answered By Michael Bergmann


My knee got injured a short while ago from simple overuse. It will be roughly a month off of running when I start up again; will I be completely out of shape and have to start all over again? I would like to think that I will get back into shape quickly, but I can already tell I've lost a lot in the short amount of time I've not been running. If I start up next week, do you think I will be in decent aerobic shape for the track season? Should I just work on building a base or what? I'm a junior guy and I run the mile and half mile. Thank you for the help.


runningsocal, You are already asking the right questions. You did the right thing in taking some time off allow the knee to recover from the overuse. One thing you can always do during times of recovery is to cross train whether you swim, bike and some activity that will not continue to bother the knee. It is important to come back slowly building up your base and if you can include other forms of aerobic activity as you are coming back (swimming, biking, running in the pool) then you are more likely to come back stronger in the end building on the weaker parts of your body which could have been a root cause of the injury in the first place. We believe in doing more things in your training than just running. Core conditioning, cross training, dynamic stretching, hurdle drills are all part of building strength and flexiblity in our runners and when injuries occur the running part reduces and the other aspects of the training continue. Stopping completely and then trying to start up where you left off is a recipe for disaster....be patient, be smart, be creative in building up a strong base in preparation for the track season. Listen to your body and it will perform for you as build up it's strength and endurance when you are ready to race. Good luck and good job !

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