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Off season

Answered By Sara Hall


Sarah, I ran junior olympics nationals in kansas this month and was in top 25. 4k .. 15:33 will run 3200 in track. what do you think i should be running during winter months before track starts? like how many miles a week. what did u do at 14?


Wow, congratulations on junior olympics! That's great! At 14 (I think I was a freshman in high school...?) I did more mileage than most high schoolers. Mileage is a very individual thing, I think high schoolers get too caught up in comparing with each other. Personally, I ran about 65 miles a week in the winter with some workouts, but mostly just getting in a base of runs over hilly terrain. I don't want to perscribe that to you without knowing your mileage background, because for some people, that is too much and can lead to overuse injuries. A good rule is to not increase your mileage by more than 10% of the week before. Maybe you can talk to your coach and see if he agrees with starting to increase by small increments now that the holidays are over!

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