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Choosing sports

Answered By Sara Hall


sarah, i've been playing soccer, basketball, running, since i was in the first grade. been pretty good in all sports but too much to do all. basketball may be the first to go......how do you decide when to go just one sport? My parents have been supportive in all of them and don't want to disappoint them...what to do?


That's a good question, I struggled with that early on in junior high and high school. At one point I was on two track teams, a traveling soccer team, a basketball team, and playing piano! When I forgot my song at my piano recital, my parents and I realized some had to go! ;) For me, it was a tough decision deciding to pursue running over soccer. I grew up in Northern California where soccer is a fall sport, at the same time as cross country. At the time, I loved soccer- all my friends were on the team, it was social, less pressure than running, and more "cool" than running. However, my junior high cross country coach really encouraged me to pursue my talent in running. He saw the talent I had and didn't want me to give it up. In the end, it was tough, but I chose to pursue cross country and track. I grew out of touch with my friends on the soccer team, but besides that, it was the best decision I have ever made! I have loved every bit of my running career! For you, it sounds like you might want to consider stopping basketball if in your mind it is "the first to go". I think the #1 rule should be how much you ENJOY the sport itself! Running is not for everyone- some people get burned out on it, and don't like the pressure of the individual sport. But some people thrive on it! So I would try to figure out what it is that you enjoy about the sport itself. Secondly, I'm not sure where you are in school, but if you are in high school and considering doing a sport in college, I would narrow down to just that sport and really refine your skill in that. My freshman year of high school I still played basketball, and I remember playing a whole game, and then going out for a 14 mile run and being exhausted! At that point, I realized if I wanted to run in college, I needed to be specific, and focus only on running. Lastly, try not to worry about disappointing your parents. I'm sure they are proud of you for juggling all these sports and school, but they will also be proud of you for focusing all your energy on something and really going for it! I would have an honest talk with them and get their opinion. But remember that they probably want to know what YOU think more than anything! Good luck!

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