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Freaking out

Answered By Sara Hall


Sarah....i've got a problem of getting jitters at the starting line to the point of throwing up on the side of the track. what can i do to get a grip?


Sorry to hear about those nerves! As I mentioned to someone else, I think all athletes feel the same as you at some points. There is a certain feeling that even elite runners usually get before races that is a nervousness mixed with dread- you are excited to get out there and race, but your body is hesitant because it knows it's going to have to hurt! However, I try to fight this feeling (even though it hurts, it's always well worth it in the end!) by focusing on the reason why I am running the race (to glorify God by doing the best with the gift He's given me) and let that excite me. Lastly, I remember seeing kids at cross country meets running around with shirts that said "If it's easy, everyone would be doing it". But it's true! Your goal will not be easy, but that's what makes it so great, and what will make it such an incredible feeling when you accomplish it! Make sure to let me know how it goes!

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