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Answered By Sara Hall


What can I expect to happen (procedure-wise) during my first 5K? Can you walk me through it, please? Will I have to run a running clip?


Well it depends on how big of a race you run- the more people in the race, the more you will have to plan ahead. I would plan to arrive at least an hour before race time. As soon as you get there, find the table where you check in. If you have already registered for the race, you will pick up your number, sometimes a racing chip, and whatever else is in the packet. Put your number on right away before you loose it! Then find a place to stash your stuff and go warm up. Jog lightly, stretch, and 20 min before the race do some strides at your 5k pace to make sure your legs are ready to go. 10-15 min before (depending on the size of the race) head to the start line so that you can get a place near the front. Keep jogging in place a little to keep your muscles warm, and then wait for the gun! Afterwards. they will take the bottom part of your number off after you cross the finish line. Later in the day they will usually post results up on a board or online, so you can see your official time. Hope that helps!

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