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Performance weight

Answered By Not an expert


i would really appreciate your advice on this topic. i am really want to do well this track season. i train very hard year round. i have no doubt this will help my performance, but would dropping some weight make me even faster? I am 5 feet 2 inches. My parents require i stay 92 pounds. i think being weighing this much is slowing me down. What are your thoughts?


The question of how much you should weigh is a tricky one. All of us are built differently so it's impossible to tell you exactly what weight is best for you. That said, I'll tell you that I spent a long time trying to get lighter so that I could look like a Kenyan. But the reality is that I'm not built like those guys and I'm much better off running with a few more pounds. 92 pounds is very light. I'm not in a poition to tell you if that's the right weight for you or not, but I will tell you that my experience has been that most of us are better off not worrying too much about our weight. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train with a lot of really successful runners and what's I've learned from them is that in order to be a fast runner over the long term you have to take good care of your body. That starts with nutrition. If you don't eat enough because you're trying to lose weight you will eventually break down. I believe you're better off being too heavy than too light, especially this time of year when the important races are a long way off. It sounds like you are a serious, motivated runner, which is really cool! If you want to be successful in the long term, I believe you should focus on training hard and eating lots of healthy food and not worry about your weight. I promise you 92 pounds is not too heavy. Take a look at some elite runners who are your height. . .I think you can see profiles of runners on the USATF website. . .don't get too caught up in comparing yourself to them, but take a look just to have some points of reference. Good luck!

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