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Your high school days

Answered By ian dobson


Ian..........I heard that when you were in high school out in Oregon that you used to run 5 miles or so in the morning and then meet up with your teammates to join in for regular practice. Is that true. What motivated you in high school to train so hard and how old were you when you started to run and how did you get started?


That's probably sort of true. . .without looking back at my training logs which I don't have with me I can't remember exactly. But I think I did about five miles total in the mornings, including what I did with my teammates. And I think we did that only three or four times a week, definetely not every day. I did train hard in high school, but it wasn't anything crazy. . .I never averaged more than 40-45 miles a week, but I did run hard. One of the biggest motivations for me was the attitude of my coach, who had a really high goals and expectations for my teammates and I. She was one of those people who you never wanted to disappoint, so as a result we worked really hard for her. Also, it was a goal of mine from early on in high school to get a scholarship to a good school for running and I knew I would have to work hard for that. I started running in the fourth grade one the school track team, but of course it was just for fun and we just trained a little bit. I had a bit of success there, so I was excited to keep running in junior high and then on into high school. I didn't really start training seriously until high school. I think all along the way, one of the things that's kept me motivated is that I've always made sure that I was having fun. Hard work isn't always fun, but on the whole I've always liked running and felt lucky to be in a sporty that attracts so many great people.

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