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Answered By Jeff Arbogast


I have a son who is seven and he just ran a 1:23s 400 meter (indoor). What is the typical time increase I can expect once he hits outdoor season.


Your question is specific, but to give a good answer a bit more information is helpful. Length of time training, type of training he is doing, and his personal motivation all will factor into a proper answer. In short, a new 7 year old who is personally motivated can easily run in the high 70s, which would be a very solid performance for someone that young. Make sure this is a personal goal, training is fun and varied, and opportunity exists to try and work with other sports at age 7. The 400 is a challenging event, and I'm sure you'd like to see him run 48 when he is 17. He will as long as his training is self-motivated at this stage and he is having fun.

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