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Answered By Jeff Arbogast


I have a son who is seven and he just ran a 1:23s 400 meter (indoor). What is the typical time increase I can expect once he hits outdoor season. (MORE INFORMATION): This is his 2nd year running he runs 3 days a week sometimes 4 if he chooses. He loves competition and is a fierce competitor at such a young age (He enjoys it). He also plays football so I expose him to multiple things. Since in outdoor athletes run there fastest times. I was wondering if you think he could get down to like 75s or lower by late July. He hasnt done any strength training yet for his legs on the track, it has all been technique and conditioning.


Your further information is reassuring. I believe the best improvement will occur when he desires to run faster and self-motivates to some extent. I would not worry about strength conditioning at 7 . . .just event-specific 400m training. As he gets older, strength training becomes more effective. 75 would certainly be within reach. Spend some time bnetween now and May working on 'goal pace running'. Have him do some intervals at 36 for the 200 and 17 for the 100. Keep the total volume during those interval sessions at 1000m or under and insist on quality . . .hitting the paces. That will get him thinking about 75. Train hard . . .have fun . . .