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Answered By Jeff Arbogast


My daughter is 8 years old, and she pulled a "glute" muscle while running in the 4 x100 relay. The pediatrician suggested rest, heat treatment, and stretching. Do any of you have any experience and advice on properly treating this injury. How long should she refrain from competing? What type of stretching exercises? Should she be strengthening the muscle? etc. Thanks.


Pediatric medicine is best left to Sports Med. physicians that can analyze current condition, range of motion, swelling, degree of injury, etc. You are already working in the proper direction there. In older athletes (post-pubescent) a light (Grade 1) strain will require several days of light activity before returning to training. Grade 2s (some tearing in the muscular fiber) can be 2-4 weeks, and of course Grade 3s are much worse. I would strongly recommend getting to a physical therapist with experience in youth competitors. I have seen several who are superb, just in my area alone. They are out there and can take charge of an injury and get her back to competitive shape. Stay with professionals.

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