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Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Hi, I recently ran at my second track meet yesterday. I won the 1200m race in 4:18 took second in the 800m in 2:38 and took third in the 400m in 1:09. I want to get my time in the 1200m down by around 18 seconds, I want to get my 800m time down below 2:30, and I want my 400m time to be below 1:05. Any suggestions? Thank you!!


It looks like you have more speed than endurance at the moment, so I'd suggest gradually increasing your mileage over time. You will also improve just through experience and learning even pacing. You have plenty of speed to run the times you want, but you may not yet be strong enough to hold the pace in longer races. Three simple things you can do are 1. Gradually increase mileage 2. Run 6 x 200m once a week (something like mile pace at the beginning of the season, 800m pace at the end of the season) year round. 3. Incorporate a tempo run into your training once a week. The pace and distance will vary, depending on your fitness and the race you are training for. It will never be anaerobic, though. This is just to help you learn a faster training pace. One example might be something like 1600m to 2500m at your 5k race pace. Over time, you could gradually bring that time down.

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