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Answered By Jeff Arbogast


I want to get my times lower for my senior year next and was what are some tips for doing that? My current times are: 1600, 4:44 and 3200: 10:12


You sound exactly like several of my kids on the team at this minute, and your question is multifacted. The most important thing to remember now is that training is a year-round endeavor. The better your summer goes, the faster your spring becomes. Strength in the summer has a direct correlation to speed in the track season. So few HS athletes understand this. It is impossible to compete at a high level by being a part-time athlete, so you need to be thinking about track during your summer mileage phase. Realize that the 'immediate' solution isn't going to work in the 'long run'. The stronger you become with endurance work during the summer, the higher the velocity you'll be able to carry without form breakdown and lactic acid fatigue during track. Those who fail to prepare tend to reach their maximum velocity early in the season and then plateau. Couple this with good CORE work to maintain form, some lifting twice per week for flexibility and power (in a circuit mode) and focusing on sprint form during higher velocity fartleks (arm action, dorsiflexion of the foot, and a forefoot plant). Use the overall philosophy of decreasing your volume (mileage) throughout the year while increasing your velocity (speedwork). The track season should be the lowest volume macrocycle of the year, but the fastest in overall training. Get that done now . . then worry about the specifics of running sub-4:40 and sub 10:10 later in the year. Train hard . . . have fun . . .