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Summer Mileage

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


How many miles do you recommend a senior h.s. runner run in the summer not just to build endurance but to also maintain speed?


It depends on your history. You should run a little more than you have been. For example, if you ran 40 miles per week as a junior, you might get up to 45 or even 50 miles per week. You have to be sure that you stay healthy. If you ran 40 miles per week while racing once or twice each week, you may be able to safely build up a little bit more quickly once you stop racing. For speed, you could do 6 x 200 once a week, strides of 70-100 meters a couple times per week and some strong aerobic tempo runs, maybe once a week or 10 days. Training needs to be individualized, based on your history, strengths and weaknesses.