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Workout suggestion

Answered By Not an expert


Hi, My 9 yr old son is an alternate in the 200meter for the Arizona Hershey track meet. The meet is in June. Could you suggest some workouts for the next 3-4 weeks? Thanks


Once a week, I might have him run some (6-8) 40 meter sprints--something like this...20m acceleration, 40m sprint, 20m deceleration. Since this workout is pretty much all out sprinting, we just do it until the times get slower. He won't be able to (and shouldn't) do many all out sprints. Other days should be very easy running just to have fun and gradually build an aerobic base. My kids frequently do 6 x 100m strides something like this 2 @ mile pace 2 @ 800m pace 2 @ 400m pace Practicing good rhythm and good form

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