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The mile

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some workouts for the mile. I'm in seventh grade and my PR is 5:30. I would like to have sub 5:00 mile by the end of summer. Thank you!


Wow, that is an ambitious goal. I'd advise you to set some short term goals to get you to the sub 5:00 mile. For training, you should build your aerobic base by running relatively easy miles and having some fun with your training. I'm not big on workouts for young kids. I've had a couple 8th grade kids run under 5 and the only workout I had was 2 x 800m at goal pace. We also did 6 x 200 once a week to learn how to relax at 800m pace, but I didn't call that a workout since it only takes a few minutes and is only 1200m of total volume. We always trained with a long term goal of getting ready for high school, college, etc. I'd think if you could run an 800m in under 2:15, while gradually building your mileage, you would be knocking on the door of a sub 5 mile. Good luck!