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Running for Soccer

Answered By Jeff Arbogast


Hello What kind of running training would you suggest for soccer? Soccer is basically 80 minutes of short burst with a lot of jogging between for my age group. u-15 Thank you Choo


Since this type of training is actually secondary to the skill work and team play you are focusing on, the amount of time you spend on it should amount to a relatively small component of your overall athletic experience. In other words . . . conditioning workouts 2-3 times per week, in addition to your games and practices, is more than enough. The best workout to simulate the conditioning you will need for soccer is the fartlek (speedplay) approach to training. If you are in a U-15 division, you can certainly handle 3 workouts per week of supplemental fartlek in the area of 35-40 minutes per workout. A fartlek is "running as you feel" with wide variations in pacing and distance. Run through all your gears for differing lengths of time, returning to a jog pace to stabilize your heartrate when you need to, Throw in bursts of 25-200 meters full out, with slow accelerations to full speed, followed by alternating 150m accelerations and jogs, all over a span of 35 continuous minutes. A version of this that is even simpler is 'phone poles' where you alternatingly accelerate to hard sprint pace and decelerate to a slow jog with every phone pole on a road (alternating slow and fast). For soccer, you want to be able to rapidly change gears. The fartlek style running is the best for you! Train hard . . .have fun . . .