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Training for Soccer

Answered By Jeff Arbogast


Hello I will be 15 on 9-3-2008, my brother is 13 as of 5-27-2008. We run to train for soccer. We run any where from 2 to 3 miles. I am told we should never just run 2-3 miles , but rather run short-burst stuff only that equals 2-3 miles. We are told that will improve our soccer speed more effectively. Can you provide a frame-work for a workout that will help us achieve our potential? Thank you sincerely Choo


Choo! I think the question was rephrased up above in this column and I steered the questioner to a 'fartlek' style of running. Keep in mind the running you are doing is purely conditioning and more of your time will be spent in team drills, skill development, dribbling, and footwork. In addition to your games and practices, 2-3 fartlek runs per week will be precisely what you need. I agree . . . long slow distance just produces long, slow distance runners, and youi need the rapid change of pacing that fartleks provide. For you, acceleration, short bursts, and the ability to repeat those bursts is important. The overall amount of running you do for strength must include games and practices, and so we don't really need to supplement that too much. Work on the fartlek . . and check out the explanation above! Train hard . . .have fun . .