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Training for 9 year old

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I'm wanting to know what is a good training program for my 9 year-old son who runs for the local track team. He competes in the 400M, 800M, and 1500M races. He is very good condition for the most part. He loves to compete and has done very well in national competition in the past. The team he runs for is lax in respect to training when it comes to competing on this level. The competition is getting very tough and I want him to be prepared. What can we do for building his leg strength without causing injury to him? His best times are as follows: 400M 1:10, 800M 2:45, & 1500M 5:21. Please respond with what we could do to get him prepared for regional and national events that are upcoming in the next month or so. Thanks, Dad


Dear Dad, I think you should let him do easy running and practice good form. He should also do 6 x 100m strides (2 @ mile pace, 2 @ 800m pace, 2 @ 400m pace). Make sure he has fun. I would also forget about the mile for a few years. Practice some race pacing for the 400m and 800m. Fun first, Mick and John