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11 years old mile run

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


My son has taken a sudden interest in running, probably because I have. He goes to the track with me as I getting ready for a 5K and he is getting ready for a 1 mile fun run. He is eleven and started off having a hard time doing 1/2 a mile now he is adding a 1/4 mile every trip to the track. He is up to 1 1/2 miles and he is doing approximately 9 & 1/2 minute miles. I am concerned that he will hurt himself by being to aggressive, so I told I wanted to stay at 1 1/2 miles for two more trips. How fast should I let him add mileage? I am hoping we can do a 5k together in late October. Thanks, Mike


Dear Mike, I think some trail or grass running as a variation to strictly track running is a good idea. His mileage and pace are both ok. How would you describe his running form? 10 miles a week would be tops for him right now, with no background. Please write back. Perhaps we can find him a youth team. Fun first, Coach Mick and John