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100m stride

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


My first meet was today, and I run the 100 meter. I started out with a long stride, does that usually slow other runners times down? Is it good to start out with a long stride on the 100 meter run? Thanks, Ashley


Dear Ashley, Thank you for writing. In the 100, you want a very high stride frequency. That is more important for you. When you start a 100, your stride length will be shorter, it is kind of like shifting a car. The strides at the beginning are shorter and more powerful, plus you have a very high stride frequency as you accelerate up to full speed. As you get up to full speed, your stride length will be a little longer naturally as you shift into higher gears. Do not try to practice running with a long stride at the beginning. It is better to practice accelerating up to full speed. Best wishes, Coach Mick and John