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11 year old wants to increase speed

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I am 11 years old and in 5th class I can run 1 mile on the road in 7 minutes 59 seconds.I like long distances.I have run for my county in Ireland at a distance of 1200m cross-country in Ireland. I train with my club once or twice a week and on my own 3 times a week. My speed doesn't seem to be increasing any more. What would help me increase my speed. From, Runner


Dear Runner, Be patient with developing your speed. You are consistent with training, so you will improve over time. We have discussed the importance of drills such as butt kicks, bounding and skipping for improving speed and running form. I think running through your drills frequently is important. Also, you might want to do strides after most of your runs. Some days, do 6-8 x 100m (for example, 2 @ mile pace, 2 @ 800m pace, 2 @ 400m pace). Other days, you might do 8-10 x 40m sprints with good form. Part of developing speed is just plain old running fast, be careful no to pull a muscle! Be patient. FUN FIRST, Mick and John

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