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Sprint training

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I am a sprinter and I need some training workouts. I run the 100, 200, and 400m dashes. My best 100 is a 12.6 but I would like to get down to the state record 11.45. I am a junior high student but I'm willing to do what it takes to get down to my goal. Well, my best 200 is a 26.4 but I would like to get a 23.4, for the state record. The 200 is my best event. My 400 is 56.8 but I would like to get a 53. I know these times may seem a little out of reach, but I know I can get them if I get the right workouts and that is why I turned to you. My split for the 400 is a 26-30 but I would like to be more consistent. If possible, would you send me workout programs for the 100, 200, and 400 dashes please and thank you! I'm 13 years old but I'm willing to do what it takes. Thanks. Your friend, Andrew


Dear Andrew, I believe in developing fitness at a young age; easy running, lots of drills and short sprints. Running is a life long sport, so develop a high level of fitness while you are young so you can handle more intense sprint workouts when you are in high school. Please do easy distance running to get strong and avoid injuries later. Also, buy books and videos on improving sprinting form. IDEAS FOR FAST RUNNING 10 X 40M SPRINTS, OR 6 X 200M @ 800M RACE PACE, OR 3 X 200M @ 400M RACE PACE I don't like long intervals for young runners. You should start the season by doing slower workouts and higher volume. As the season progresses, do less volume at higher speed. Hard days should always be followed by easy days. Never run when you are injured. Think of long term development. If you run 56 now, work towards 55-use patience and train consistently. Have fun, Mick and John