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Working up to miles

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I have a daughter at age 8, and her friend at age 10.They have been working slowly on running a 5k. They are so motivated and are having a lot of fun. We don't time any of our runs and have slowly worked on a base for the past 2 months. After this 5k we are done . These girls are very athletic and have been so all their short lives. After reading your information I am feeling like I would appreciate your input.We have worked up to 2 miles so far they seem to be handling this just fine. Thanks, Dad


Dear Dad, It sounds like they are doing this just to complete it and you are going about it the right way. Athletic girls who are fit will have no problem completing the distance at an easy pace. Make sure they have good shoes and have had some water before they run. Good luck Fun first, Coach Mick and John

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