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Kids under 10-distances

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


Kids Under 10 Racing Long Distances "" Hi Mick, I'm the race director for our club's road race. It's 11.2 miles over a hilly course. We are part of a local race series in which there is a prize of some kind for those who complete the series and so there is a lot of motivation to complete each race. I've been asked to add a 10 and under category to the race. I've refused. However, I'd like some more data to back up my decision. There is a page on KidsRunning.Com that has maximum recommended race distances. Can you tell me the basis for this information? Thanks, Alister Russell


Dear Alister, You have done the right thing. The reasons are: 1. keeping running fun 2. health & well being of child 3. common sense Children should not be put in a position of competing in inappropriate races for the short sighted purpose of extrinsic rewards. Good luck. Fun first, Coach Mick and John