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5K for Kids?

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I homeschool my children age 7 (in March), 8 (9 in June), 10 (11 in April) and 12. I am going to start a running program as their P.E. class the first of March when the snow melts a bit. I was planning on having my older two run a 5k with me in summer. The goal, as is my goal, is not to win but to finish. Is that too much? We were going to use a 13 week walk/run program. How about my younger two? My youngest wants to run with us. Should I just let them do fun runs? I would appreciate any insight you could give me. Sincerely, Mom


Dear Mom, If your goal is just to finish, and you don't mind if they have to run/walk, etc., then you probably won't have any trouble. Our kids run a total of 5k at many practices, and they could run 5k races if we wanted them to. Be sure they are medically ok to do it. If all three kids are of equal ability, the youngest will hold back the oldest and they may not want to stay together---you'll know soon enough how it will go! Good luck! Fun first, Coach Mick and John

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