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Speed training for distance runners

Answered By Not an expert


Hi, I am having some trouble being able to go fast on the last 1 to 2 hundred of my races and was wondering if there is a certain workout that I could do to improve my ability to sprint fast at the end of races?


Changing gears at the end of a race can be a difficult thing to do. I think the best way to conquer this problem is simulating the last 100 or 200 meters of a race during your workouts and practices. When you are running intervals on the track, try making the last 100 or 200 your fastest. Tell yourself that you are switching gears, just like a car. You've probably been thinking about pacing yourself for the whole race and now you can let go of that thought and just concentrate on running your hardest. Now you are going to accelerate like a car entering the freeway. Even though you aren't a sprinter, you want to treat the last part like you are one. If you are able to teach your body to change gears like this, it will start to come naturally to you in races and you'll find yourself finishing faster.

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