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Summer training

Answered By Not an expert


If I am in reasonably good shape now, doing approx. 30 miles a week, when should I start really upping my mileage and placing more emphasis on speed? I'm a guy in my senior year of high school, with about two or two and a half months till competition starts. Thanks for the help!


The summer is a great time to try running more mileage. You have some time to gain endurance before the competition season starts. As long as you are comfortable doing 30 miles a week, I recommend that you start increasing slowly each week until a month before competition starts. The increases should be gradual and pay extra attention to how your body responds. Don't increase your mileage by more than 10% in one week. The extra work will tire your body, so take extra care to stretch, eat well, and get enough sleep. If you start to feel tight from the extra miles, try doing some strides at the end of your runs. These always help my legs loosen up when I have been doing high mileage. During the last month before competition starts, concentrate more on running some workouts than increasing your mileage. Try keeping your weekly mileage about the same, but add in some workouts. Your coach might send you a workout schedule. If he hasn't sent a schedule, do one tempo run a week and one fartlek run a week. You're off to a great start! The strength you gain this summer will pay dividends throughout the fall season!

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