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Distance and Pace

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


My 11 year old son participated in track at school this year and did very well. He's fired up about running this summer. I'm not sure how far or how fast to let him run. In track, he ran the 400 in 1min. 14seconds. His PE teacher at school told me that he timed him at the mile and he ran it in 5 minutes 25 seconds. He's in great shape from basketball and wants to run 3 or 4 miles. Is that safe and how many times per week should I let him run? Also, my 9 year old son is wanting to follow big brother. Any suggestions for him? Thanks, Julie


I'm glad they are so active. Running is a great sport to improve fitness for almost all other sports. 3 or 4 miles is safe as long as he has good shoes and is supervised. Follow your common sense; for example, he shouldn't run 4 miles in 100 degree sunshine. Check your local area for youth running programs. check this http://www.youthrunner.com/content/view/2156/39/