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Coaching XC

Answered By Kate O'Neil


I have one year left of college running and I want to become a coach after I graduate for my old high school or a high school where I reside after graduation. Is there any websites or articles for me to learn more about coaching girls. I know of the book by Joe Newton but I was wondering of anything else to better prepare me. Thanks


I have not actually read Joe Newton's book, but I have certainly heard of his legendary success. His years of success have made him one of the most respected high school coaches in the country. His book sounds like a great place to start. I also recommend "Daniels' Running Formula" by Jack Daniels and "Road to the Top" by Joe Vigil. Both Vigil and Daniels have coached at the collegiate and professional levels. Since your runners will be younger and newer to the sport, some of their advice might be a little too advanced for your team, but they will both serve as great resources. Most importantly, trust your own judgement. You've been running for a number of years now and you must love the sport if you want to continue to be involved in it as a coach. Think about the parts of the sport that you most enjoy and the things that have most inspired you. If you can help your team enjoy running as much as you have, you will be a very successful coach.

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