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Exercise progrom for 800

Answered By Jeff Arbogast


Dear jeff,Hi I'm the 800 meters runner but I haven't any specific exercise program for my work. I wondering if you can help me. my best record is 2:00 and I'm 22 years old.


Sorry I'm so late . . saw your question Dec. 28th. My fault! The 800m is one of our specialties, and writing about it led to a large article (possibly available here on YouthRunner???). Covering all that here would be sunbstantial, but your 2:00 speed so far without specific training would indicate an ability! If you can't find the "Championship 800" article here on Youthrunner.com, email me and I'll send the file to you. I think it's the best thing for your agegroup available. coacharb@binghamxcountry-track.com Looking forward to helping you! Train hard . . .have fun . . . Arb

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