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Cross Country

Answered By Mick Grant & John Molvar


I just started coaching 50 kids at a Junior High School. All different levels, abilities, etc. I am a marathon runner. I am head coach, they are trying to find me a helper..MY question: with a group so big, some experienced many not, how would U do a work out--I have all of my schedules done ..the races are only 2 miles---I just started on Wednesday..some can barely run a mile Please help This is a very elite school


It sounds like a good opportunity. Try to make training groups and plan training specifically for each group. Whatever each group can do is fine. One group may only run one mile but another group may need four or five miles. The pace doesn't matter much for beginners either. Try to let them have some fun so they come back every day. If the kids come back every day and do some running, they will gradually improve. I'd also suggest teaching the kids form drills and make that part of daily practice. If you can gradually get the kids in shape so they run longer, you won't need to do any workouts. Just help the kids get in shape.

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